Our Unmet Needs: The Basics

What benevolence can't cure with a blank check

Yesterday, I walked into an empty room with the television playing and no one watching Charles Stanley. I am reading a few books by Charles Stanley and I love his style of preaching, so I took myself a seat, to listen closely. This sermon sent me to find some paper to take some notes. Charles Stanley is […]

When this day forward is every single day

Blogging Revelation: When everything seems hopeless

When it’s far from perfect but you know you are loved because you’ve been through the fire and you would marry him all over again because it ain’t so much about what he does but what you do. When it’s far from perfect but you know you are loved because you sit in the mist of the […]

When you’re an exile on a deserted island

Blogging Revelation: When everything seems hopeless

All of my life, I’ve had this one to a box theory, we get one on the way in and we get one on the way out. I developed this theory as a highly observant child. I was quiet and withdrawn, but watchful. Observation of the crowd comes not without careful considerate analysis. I’m not your […]

Not just for Moms

Missional Motherhood

The headline reads: Oakland’s Elijah Dobbins commits to MTSU, it’s late at night and I’ve already googled my son’s name for this day. I’m a fifty-three year old black woman with a seventeen year old son and I am on a mission. Some days I feel like the Bionic woman, while other days I feel […]

When your son makes the team

High School Football 101 - Mission of Motherhood

This is hard stuff. I mean really hard stuff. Last year he almost broke his neck. And now the recruiters are putting the pressure on. And, I am a Mom, not much unlike the Mother of Moses who placed her baby in a river, called the Nile. And much like Pharoah’s daughter the recruiters come […]


Date: August 20, 2016
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