A beach of his own making {Spring Break 2017}

We are thankfully counting the days until High School Graduation!

The planes are flying low.

The dogs are barking.

The birds are chirping.

Squires are climbing.

Trees are bending.

Water is standing.

It’s Spring time in Tennessee.

I walk up the stairs, open a door, look out a window

to find my only son has created a beach of his own making.

There is a blanket.

There is tap water in a bottle.

And music on his phone.

Sunglasses shade his seventeen year old face.

While a camouflage bib hat covers his head.

This is it!

I prayed for this moment.

God is in the business of answering prayers.

This is our final Friday of High School Spring Breaks.

But, my son was sweet to remind me, Spring Breaks don’t stop in High School.

We are thankfully counting the days to High School Graduation!

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