A narrow path between the vineyards

Charles Stanley Week {Five Minute Friday}

vinyardToday, I am linking up with Kate Motaung, over at Five Minute Friday. Kate was passed the Five Minute Friday baton by Lisa-Jo Baker. Just as Deidra Riggs passed The Sunday Community¬†baton to Lisha Epperson. I’m sure if you dig around the Christendom blogging world you too will find paths, patterns and positions. You might even find a few here.

One of my favorite songs of all times is If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens. This song has felt like me for the last ten years. My Dad died ten years ago and with his death, I knew everything in my life was about to change. And, boy has it! For many years I as many others … lived through the Faith of our Fathers. My pathway has been broken by sin. The signs have been unclear. I even walked through the valley. Truth be known I lived on gold valley. But what I know for sure is I am not who I was when I took my first step.

I just love what Charles Stanly has to say about first steps …

Positionally we are saints, even if our conduct is un-Christlike because at the pivotal moment of salvation, we changed positions.

Charles Stanley also states and I super agree …

When our trusts is in Him, He will guide our paths according to His will and we will experience His best.

I also love what the Bible says about the angel of the Lord … Did you know when the Bible speaks of the angel of the Lord, it is speaking of an incarnate Jesus. Yes Jesus, right there in the Old Testament! Jesus in the Book of Numbers of all places. Jesus, there is just something about the name Jesus.

Then the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path between the vineyards, with a wall on either side. Numbers 22:24 (ESV)

Praise Time for the narrow path, In The heart of Tennessee … it ain’t about me but thee.

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