About that Summer I read the entire Bible

Download your very own 90 Day CSB Bible Reading Plan Today!





RE: CSB 90 Day Bible Reading Plan!

Download your very own 90 Day Bible Reading Plan Today!

Thinking about that Summer I failed to read the entire Bible in 90 days. Or, shall I say thinking about that Summer, it took me 105 days to read the entire Bible! Key Word Bible Studies is coming soon!

It was a simple challenge. And, know at first I failed. We started reading on June 1, 2015, and before I knew it I was behind, in the reading plan. And, Y’all, I mean like way behind.

But, I discovered this 90 Day Bible on the Internet and at the bookstore and, guess what y’all, I bought it!

Leading and Loving It saved to JustONE | LALI – Join the #LeadingAndLovingIt “Bible in 90 Days” Challenge! Read all about it here: http://leadingandlovingit.com/spiritual-growth/bible-in-90-days/ #LALIBibleIn90

I resaved the pictures onto my FaceBook page and I copied and pasted the text below, from my Instagram news feed,  to encourage you, if our Father should use me to extend you such a challenge.

September 14, 2015

It took me … way longer than 90 days but Thanks be to God … this summer word feast is a wrap! Now on to the study of the Book of Revelation … which starts on Wednesday


September 7, 2015

The Bible is more salt than sugar, no matter how you cut it.

Me and Jimmy own a countless number of Bibles together. All of mine plus those his Minister Mother gifted him with after we were married. Plus my sweet husband has trash picked a few which include a first edition! It has been extremely difficult to read through this one book from beginning to end without commentary.

To read no other book but this one.

To hear just his one voice in my ear when I am too tired to read, I Iisten on my iphone4.

What was so hard you wonder? It was/is hard to hear the truth of his word … Day in and day out.

God is not pleased with our idol worship.

As my Jimmy stated one day … He desires not to be first. He desires not to be center. He desires to be Only.

July 11, 2015

Now, back to water plus word = worship

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