An open letter to my Uncle Eddie: Forgiveness is mandatory

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADear Uncle Eddie: The horror of what you did to me on December 4, 1969 does not define me. I’ve been on a journey for theses many years to figure out why I felt and knew the pain of others so deeply and now I know why. The princess keeper Daddy of mine could not protect me from the harm I would endure at the hands of of you my Uncle Eddie. The horror of what you did to me on December 4, 1969 does not define me. I was but six years old. The huge jar of super bubble gum and the twenty dollar bill bought you no thing. For until recently I had no memory of the thing you took from me. I know you likely thought I refused all your offers of support because I held a grudge against you. There was never any grudge or resentment. All that remained after your abuse was pain plus anger for no know reason. But now I know and Uncle Eddie I forgive you. Uncle Eddie because of my personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ I have found the one and the only way and I’m more than Okay. You may never know of this letter or of my forgiveness but Uncle Eddie, know this … I loved you then and I love you now. I hope and pray that your nights and days are filled with the peaceful understanding of the everlasting love of Jesus Christ. I hope and pray you have forgiven all that is you, for you are his child too.

Love, your niece, sonyala


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