Answered Prayers

something good would come

As my foot stepped from the porch concrete to the faded black pavement, I prayed to the Lord that something good would come of this day. I got into the white car, my friend was driving and silently as I settled in my seat, I prayed some more. As we made our way across town to our special bargain place, I continued to pray. As we walked in the door, I remembered the free Bible table and there it was, a Holy Bible published in the year nineteen hundred and twenty-six. As I picked up this Bible, I quickly noted the weight of it all. As I began to leaf through the pages, I also noticed this Holy Bible was published in Chicago. By the way, I was born in a small town one hundred and thirty miles from the city of Chicago. But know this Bible was different from all the other Bibles I’ve seen or held in my hands. This Bible contains around three hundred pages before Genesis and after the Book of Revelation. Some of the New Testament pages are torn and fragile. Not only did the Lord bless me with this special Bible on this fall day but I purchased one of those giant family coffee table Bibles for two dollars and fifty cents. And, y’all this other Bible was published in Nashville, and in the very same year my Daddy relocated us all from everywhere, to right here in the heart of Tennessee.

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