Are you healthy, hungry or homeless in the wilderness?


A few years ago I was the Women’s Ministry Coordinator at my church. Our Women Ministry had fallen off and I felt the Lord prompt me to start it up again, So I did. So, we did. Then, after a really awesome launch my little family began to lose our footing on the home front and I quit. We became homeless again. Last year we left our sweet and more than loving church on more than one occasion.

There was one Sunday after a vacation like absence in which my friend (Anne) looked at me through tearful eyes and said our church is looking and feeling like a church of the nations. Then one day after all the protests the only black person in the congregation was me … again. And, the only black person in the choir was my son. We were winning the battle and then we began to lose our footing.

After my vacation like absence, one of our deacons ask me to work in the Food Pantry again. So, I did. So, we did.

After prayful research we made some more than bold changes, success was found in reaching and serving new people. Once again we began to lose our footing on the home front and my little family is scattered and homeless. Pastor called me into his office to discuss our current situation and I tried to explain it, but it was hard … really hard to admit once again we had failed on the home front. It was hard to admit we dropped a ball.

But than Jesus sent Pastor, Dr. Kevin to rescue and revive us through the soft-spoken word of God. Yesterday in our 10 AM Revive service, Pastor, Dr. Kevin reminded us how Jesus responded during his first temptation in the wilderness. Jesus did not retreat or run from temptation. Jesus did quite the opposite. Jesus returned to the word of our Father and spoke boldly to the deceiver.

This time after a vacation like absence, that looked more like moving … we returned to our church to be recused and revived by the very words of our Father.

I’m not sure what the deceiver uses in this your one life to cause you to retreat and run. I’m not sure if he uses health, hunger or home. But we know he used hunger on our savior Jesus Christ and as Pastor, Dr. Kevin pointed out yesterday Jesus did not retreat or run but returned to the word of God for a feast.

Are you hungry in the wilderness?

Break open the word of God and prepare your heart for a feast.

Are you homeless in the wilderness?

Bow your head in the Holy City and prepare your spirit for a feast.

Are you not healthy in the wilderness?

Bend your knee in Thanksgiving and prepare your temple for a feast.

RE: Matthew 4

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