Authentic Leadership: Five characteristics of effective leadership from the life of Moses

fiveAccording to BSF the second greatest characteristic of Moses is his prayerfulness. Moses left one people to lead another people. The words … The Lord Spoke to Moses are recorded in the Bible a number of times. The Lord spoke to Moses and Moses responded. Moses was a meek but prayerful man of great faith. Psalm 90 is a prayer written by Moses.

  1. Moses was insightful.
  2. Moses demonstrate initiative. 
  3. The impact of Moses leadership is timeless.
  4. Moses influence was beyond the Klout score.
  5. Moses allowed our Father to develop his Integrity.

You may know or may not know I trust the authentic leadership of Michael Hyatt, This post was inspired by his post.

“Stop waiting for this kind of leader to show up. Decide to become the leader you always wanted to follow.” Michael Hyatt



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