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HALT {Charles Stanley}

  If we find ourselves tired and weary, know we are not likely in any position to make good solid decisions about anything, except that which we eat. Yesterday, I was surprised to meet my first adult Sunday School Teacher at the gas station. I like to call her Ms. Debbie as she is my elder. […]

Biblical Press for Progress (Genesis)

The scandalous Joy of Woman and Women in the Word

The word woman occurs in the Bible more than three hundred times. The word woman was first used in the Biblical text by Adam and its use is first recorded in the book of Genesis. God created both man and woman and the disparity between the sexes is no thing but a direct result of […]



  Let’s celebrate the one who first marked Women’s History, by reading the entire word of God in 90 Days. I’m speaking of the one who called his very own Mother Woman prior to turning water into wine. I am speaking of the one who sat with the Samaritan woman at the well. I am speaking […]

Tell Me About Easter

Fuzzy bunnies and buttercups

{Book Review} Tell Me About Easter is the sweetest little board book which features a white flocked lamb on the cover and throughout the book. On the center spread of the book, the larger lamb is frolicking through the field with four other lambs. This is such a sweet picture of Jesus as the Lamb. Toddlers […]

Packing, praying and painting again

Packing, praying and painting again. I feel as if the Good Lord has brought me and mine full circle because It’s still February and we are blessed beyond measure. Many prayers have been answered and yet some have only recently been released to HIS mighty will, way, and wonder. Praise Time N Tennessee, it ain’t […]

Ministry Minded Marketplace Monday

Religion & Spirituality - Christian Women {Books Coming}

Please find below an Amazon list of over twenty Religion & Spirituality Books for women coming to the Marketplace before the end of a very cold and hard winter. Soon and very soon spring will sport a whole new season in this our one life.   Lies Women Believe Lies Young Women Believe Rooted Believe […]