Where Women Write {What do writers eat?}

Ten links as to food, snacks, and writing

When I write I eat. And over the last three years I’ve put on more than a pound or two. Well friends, this simply must stop. Not, the writing but the adding of pounds to the body. So, as I am preparing to write more, I am also planning my food and beverage intake. With […]

Waiting for the color to come

Why do fruits {berries} change color at all?

  Per the website Today I Found Out fruits and vegetables come in a wide array of colors that change throughout their ripening process. The question on the table today is why do fruits change color at all? Well according to TIFO there are two ways to answer this question … what’s going on internally while […]

Jesus was twelve {from twenty years upward}

The laws of life and the lessons of love lost and found in the land of plenty

Yesterday, was my youngest’s birthday. He is now considered to be a man by modern men. He can purchase cigarettes but according to the law of the land, this man is not yet old enough to purchase liquor. We are living in a constant state of duplicity, but, not for a lack of knowledge but […]


Walking Jesus Strong Once And For All

Writing a book is only part of the book birthing process, we must usher the baby into the world with everything the Good Lord has blessed us with. Be it video, print or in person, it’s the author’s job to encourage others to read, gather and share the message. Today is Launch day for Lisa […]

Mother’s Day and “The Reading Closet”

{Bibles and Books on the set} The Good News Sunday Show

My youngest child graduates from High School next Sunday. He is seventeen and he was seventeen when he committed to play college football for what was once known as Middle Tennessee State University. Here is the kicker, my daughter married her High School Sweetheart on her eighteenth birthday. She accepted her sweetheart’s proposal when she […]

The Beyond Single Manifesto

A National Day of Prayer Post & Poster

Thank You for your interest in The Beyond Single Manifesto. I wrote this manifesto two years ago between Easter and Pentecost. One of my favorite Biblical characters is Peter. I just love the tension in the relationship between Jesus and Peter. I think this relationship is one of the most realistic relationships in the Bible. […]

A gift of complete surrender

I took this photo in the spring of 2009 , right when I first started blogging. These trees lived between my home and my studio. I cried for days when the flood over watered the roots of the Wisteria Vine and it’s trellis lowered itself to the ground in a gift of complete surrender. Humility is […]

Africa Study Bible Launches Worldwide

Celebratory Events Planned throughout Africa and in the US

Press Release From , Oasis International, Africa Study Bible Launches Worldwide Celebratory Events Planned throughout Africa and in the United States    “The Africa Study Bible is a project that has almost unprecedented ability to positively influence the body of Christ in Africa, perhaps more than other single continental-wide project in the history of Christianity.” […]