Autopsy of a Deceased Church and the tabernacle which dots the heart of Tennessee {countryside}

AutopsyIn his book, Autopsy of a Deceased Church, Thom Rainer speaks much about church and community in chapter four. Well, what can I say but that I am a responsive reader.

When the black community left the Tennessee countryside for the city (urban shift) and white community left the city for the countryside I believe our Father was positioning these church bodies for some radical racial reconciliation. Five of these churches make up the legacy of me. My Granddaddy (Old Man D McCullough) was a deacon at Connection Hill Primitive Baptist until his death. My Daddy helped to build the new Locust Ridge P.B. Church. My Mother was born, not far from West Harpeth P. B. Church. My husband’s family still lives across the street from Clayborne Tabernacle M. B Church. Stones River Church is me and Jimmy’s new church home. My heart holds a great love for Southeast Baptist Church and we will become non active members of this body as letters are not sent between the black church and the white church. Thus creating a duplicity that is liken to government. It just ain’t right. 

Connection Hill PBC – 1878

West Harpeth Primitive Baptist Church – 1869

Clayborne Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church – 1920

Locust Ridge P.B. Church – 1885

Stones River Church – 1888

The spirit of the Lord, was all over the Bible writers for there was no other way for them to keep up with all those many names. We, as a people of God, have failed our Father in this regard because we like our traditions and we lack the desire to heed HIS commands.

Here’s the thing …

Four of the five churches on the above list are not just reading but studying Autopsy of a Deceased Church. Actually, I’m pretty sure all thirty-two churches of the TN State Primitive Baptist Convention are doing the same.

All but one of the above churches have existed for more than one hundred years, it’s like their all singing the same song, in the same rhythm with a vital heart beat. Which makes me think of an old disco song.

What is your church doing to stay alive?

And more importantly what are you doing to help your church stay alive?

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