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A summer break survival plan


My secret to designing great graphics is prayer. Ten years ago I shared this secret with someone and that someone set out to force me to create for those whom I had no contact with. I was working part-time for Murfreesboro City Schools, feeding the children. While I ran my business East Wind Productions from our dining room, which also doubled as my studio.

Murfreesboro City School chose not to rehire me and many others at the beginning of one summer. Never mind, the fact that I wrote a letter in regards to the deplorable conditions of the schools roof. The school’s roof was repaired within three days of receiving the letter I wrote. After three years of verbal begging it only took three days.

On June 1st of said year I quit designing for small business and non profits and began designing pages for our local newspaper. While working I employed many folks, family and friends to care for my children. One day in April, my sitter allowed my daughter to surf the net unsupervised. I checked the computer history each night, after getting the paper to the press. On this particular night, I found she had been on the net for my entire shift (about 10 Hours). This was the final straw. In my one ten hour shift everything changed. Nothing, no nothing was ever the same again. I should also mention I struggled greatly with fibroids and sitting in a chair for hours on end was difficult. So, my work suffered as well. One day in early May I put in a request for a leave of absence. My leave was granted and my doctor scheduled me for surgery.

After ten weeks of recuperating and caring for my very own children, I went back to work at the newspaper at the beginning of July. The office for the newspaper was a short distance from our house. Seven years ago (July) my children ages were twelve and nine. They both have July birthdays. The office for the newspaper was a short distance from our home and I made the single parent decision to leave my children to supervise themselves. I’m not sure what section of the newspaper I was working on when the police scanner spoke of a disturbance at our address. All I know is I quickly grabbed my bag and ran out the door and drove my newly purchased SUV in the direction of our home. Upon my arrival, I met the city police and my neighbor friend Amy. All was well, my children were found to be playing a prank. I turned in my written notice and quit my job the very next day. But not before. But not before what you may ask? I did not quit my job without prayer. I did not quit my job without Thanksgiving for the gift of life. I did not quit my job without petition. I did not quit my job with out praise. I did not quit my job without promise.

These days, I am prompted to remember the moment of promise. Theses days I am prompted to remember the children placed in my path. There are many. Not just, my children but many, many others.

Summer is about to begin and all of my children are scattered. Not, living in real life with me limits what you can see. You don’t get to see the all of me. You don’t get to hear my tears while I watch the bloody Sunday scene in the movie Selma.

Anyway, this chapter of living some kind of way … I have not words to describe is about to close.

If you have a church or a registered non profit, know the designing is about to begin again. But in order to do this, Blogging has to take a back seat. It’s not that Blogging is not along for the ride, It’s just that as the driver I am moving blogging to the back seat for this leg of ride. There are times when Blogging needs to ride up front. This is not one of those times. This is an intentional and prompted by the spirit move. I hope to create and publish great content for the rest of the week. But as of June 1st, we are stepping off the everyday blogging bus. However, it is our hope and desire to publish The Good News Sunday Show each and every week. I have charted the map of our course and by the rate we are traveling … blogging should get another ride in the front seat come early fall.

But the one who did not know and did things deserving of blows will be beaten lightly. Much will be required of everyone who has been given much. And even more will be expected of the one who has been entrusted with more. Luke 12:48 (HCSB)

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