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A must-read book list plus a ninety day Bible challenge


I am really looking forward to swimming with all my girls this summer. Every summer we find a pool to use and we go swimming at least once or twice a week. Both of my children are drawn to the water like fish. I remember that was one of my very first blog post. I don’t swim at all but that little fact never keeps me out of the water for long. These days we prefer salt water pools as opposed to chlorine. Since I’m not one who lingers long in the water, I usually have a book in hand to read. Not, that reading pool side ever really happens as we spend most of our time chatting it up.

The ladies over at Leading and Loving it, have issued a challenge to those of us who say we love to read the Bible. The challenge issued is to Read the Bible in ninety days. Well, I love challenges and certificates, so I’m all in. The You Version ninety day Reading Plan is the tool recommended for this journey, find it at the link below.

You Version ninety day Reading Plan

My summer reading list also (below) includes titles highly recommended by the Women in Publishing Team, I’m still referring to my many notes from this very first luncheon. The books the panel shared are listed below.

Our Kids,’ by Robert D. Putnam

Lean In by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sandberg

Life is a contact sport by Ken Kragen

Seamless by Angie Smith

Disrupting Digital Business  by R Ray Wang

A few weeks ago I registered for Business Master Mind 2.0 and it starts bright and early this morning at the bank. This time we will be meeting on the fifth floor as opposed to the fourth. I ordered the book needed for this group coaching class … Real-Time Marketing & PR from Amazon and I’m super excited to have found a used copy for less than four dollars and that includes shipping!

I am on the prayer committee at church and we are reading The Prayer Saturated Church by Cheryl Sacks.

There are a few more titles such as Ordinary Light by Tracy K. Smith which I would like to read … but let’s be real, summer always seems long at the beginning and short at the end.

My Summer Hiatus begins June 1st and ends when summer ends … September 20, 2015. I will however be creating, producing and publishing  a weekly video for The Good News Sunday Show. Hope to see you there!

Super blessed to be at the beginning are we. To God be the glory in our everyday story! Praise Time in Tennessee, it ain’t about me but HE. The He who is ever faithful, even when I’m not.


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