Between the covers: America’s Original Sin

A political campaign collection lies in the pages paraded as a book

Five-Minute-Friday-4[1]It’s Five Minute Friday ! And the prompt for this week is collect. Note, I am using a form of this word in my subhead for today.

Last night, I watched and listened to Jim Wallis on Face Book Live. Jim is the author of America’s Original Sin. After viewing his talk and listening to his Q and A, I promptly got on my knees and prayed to an almighty and ever-present God. My prayer went something like this … Lord what do you want me to see and Lord what do you want me to say … in Jesus name Amen, I prayed. Then, between my bed covers and before my head could form a shape in my pink satin pillow I heard a voice say … You cannot serve two masters.

And this voice caused me to remember a time when these very words were preached to me. Actually, it was a little more than a year ago when my Uncle Elder Carl preached this very word to me all night. You see, I was on my way to Washington DC, to join the folks at The Justice Mission last fall. My Jimmy had agreed to go with me and then at the last-minute, he changed his mind. Oh, by the way Jimmy is my husband.

Every time I would say something about The Justice Mission to my Uncle Elder Carl, he would say the very same words to me … Where are they Sonya and I would say in DC Uncle. This went on for hours because I wanted someone in the world to validate my work. I wanted an earthly reward! On that day last September, somehow, I became just like everyone else, I no longer had the desire to WAIT for eternal rewards. And get this my planned trip to DC was in direct conflict with a prior commitment, which just, so happen to be the first day of study of the Book of Revelation. Well, needless to say I made it to Bible Study Fellowship right on time and I learned much about earthly rewards and eternal rewards from the Book of Revelation and life. Oh, it’s has been on big giant learning season!

Between the covers of  America’s Original Sin lies a political campaign, right there … in all the pages paraded around as a Christian book, just another ploy for votes.

This morning at six, I logged into Face Book and navigated to Jim’s Face Book Page which somewhere over the last few days changed it’s event title to … Race, Faith, and 2016- A Conversation with Jim Wallis and as of this morning it was viewed at least 4,587 times and shared at least 89 times.

Jesus is the bridge and the bay to a new America! And if we are called to preach we need to preach, and point people to Jesus for this is our primary privilege and purpose.

Please join me later today at ONE CT for the Good News Sunday Show (Firm Foundation Fridays) as we must speak to them, whether they listen or fail to listen, for we are rebellious.

Race, Faith and 2016 – a conversation with Jim Wallis

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