Biblical Press for Progress (Genesis)

The scandalous Joy of Woman and Women in the Word

The word woman occurs in the Bible more than three hundred times. The word woman was first used in the Biblical text by Adam and its use is first recorded in the book of Genesis.

God created both man and woman and the disparity between the sexes is no thing but a direct result of sin. The genesis of woman was without sin in the garden of the most high.

Both Adam and Eve enjoyed walking in the Garden with God. Both Adam and Eve were clothed and sent from the Garden by God and both Adam and Eve received consequences in regard to their disrespectful disobedience in The Garden of Eden.

We have no record of Eve’s income but Eve is recorded and remembered as The Mother of all living.

Press for progress, The Mother of all living

After Eve, Noah’s wife is the next noted woman mentioned in the book of Genesis and she is mentioned without incident. Once again, we have no record of the income of the wife of Noah. Nor, do we know if she garnered any income at all watching and waiting for her husband to build the Ark, all those many years. But, what we do know about Noah’s wife is she was likely standing by Noah when he placed his eyes on that very first bow!

Press for progress, The Wife of Noah

The next two women of note mentioned in The Book of Genesis is Sarah and Hagar. Sarah and Hagar’s eldest sons were fathered by our Biblical Father of Faith Abraham. This is just another segmented scandalous scene in the text of the truth of the Bible. Sarah is known as The Mother of Nations as she was the first recorded woman to birth a child in an advanced maternal age.

Press for progress, The Mother of Nations

Rebekah is the wife of Issac and births Jacob and Esau, the first Biblical record of the birth of twins.

Press for progress, The Mother of Twins

And finally, in the book of Genesis, we have the Biblical record of love at first sight, when Jacob sets his sights on Rachel. Yet another segmented scandalous scene in the text of the truth of the Bible. Jacob works seven years for the hand of Rachel in marriage and is surprised when he marries her sister Leah. After several more years of work and drama, Jacob marries Rachel, only to realize the reality of life. Rachel is barren. While Leah continues birthing child after child. But God! But after much time our Father remembers Rachel and she births one son Joseph then dies with the birth of her second son Benjamin.

Press for progress, Maternal Mortality

Please note, this is an ongoing series as I read the Bible for 90 Days in the context of our culture. Day 08 of 90


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