{Book Responce} America’s Original Sin

America's Original Sin is the very same sin of Adam and Eve

gnss-aosAlthough, Mr. Wallis has incorrectly suggested on the cover of his book and within the body of this work that America’s Original Sin is that of racism and not disobedience. I love this book because it has renewed  my love of the word of God and to do the will of the one who created me!

Now, back to the book. America’s Original Sin is the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden. Adam and Eve suffered from the sin of disobedience, discontentment and greed. The King James Version of the Bible sates that the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil and the currency of the community of the garden was fruit. Eve was not content with all the Lord had blessed her with and she desired more. The serpent was waiting with an to good to believe offer and Eve fell for his trickery.

600money-instaSlavery prior to the Civil War in America morphed into racism because of the love of money. Slavery prior to the Civil War in America morphed into racism much like Instagram is no longer instant. If an American Slave System was only about the oppression of black people, it would not still exist today! Children and people are still enslaved today because we black people refuse to let go of a slavery that is dead. We have been rescued to rescue. Our constant conversations about racism and unity rob us of our ability to rescue. And this constant state of discontentment also denies the rest of the world the opportunity to see the truth of America today. I am speaking of the most recent success of a Tyler Perry Movie in which millions of dollars were made in dark theaters about the celebration of Halloween in America. God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ into the world for the express purpose of providing salvation to His people from any and all sin.

only-john3-1Christ, hung, bled out and died a natural death as a man to redeemed and reconcile all men back to God for the sin of one man. Biblical Reconciliation should be a believers primary focus. Oppression in any shape, form or fashion is an affliction. The Holy Bible is story after story of God’s people suffering from varies forms of affliction and Jesus is the Crimson Thread woven in the fabric of life.

Mr. Wallis ends his book by suggesting that we the people have the ability to fix ourselves by talking and walking one with the other. But I see no mention of the power of Jesus on the last few pages of the words from this pastor. We may not like it, but the truth is the same for those who believe as well as those who don’t believe in the cross.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.’ Matthew 1:21

only-well-womanIf Jesus is justice in the church room than Jesus is justice in the courtroom. If Jesus is justice is the birth room, than Jesus is justice in the sick

In closing I am full of Thanksgiving for Mr. Wallis and his work.

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