Breaking Summer Hiatus 2015: For A Straight Outta Compton TRUTH to help end slavery

Evidence of Advancement of Colored People in the US of America


The African American Community in America or shall we say Black America ain’t really on hurting status like so many of us claim. ‪#‎BLACKLIVESMATTER‬ because ‪#‎BLACKFOLKSSPEND‬ like we are yes privileged to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.

The $56.1 million dollars spent at the box office to watch the movie Straight Outta Compton this past weekend is financial proof most talk of racism toward Black America is little more than a myth. Notice, I said most not all! Colored people have advance in the United States over the past fifty plus years. It seams as if almost fifty percent of us can afford to go see a movie on opening night. And, it seams as if when we go to the movies we get to sit anywhere we want and we may use any of the many bathrooms which line the halls of major theaters. And it also seams as if major studios choose to back the creative work and voice of  two African American males.

Our many conversations about racism in the United States of America is nothing more than continuous and constant complaining about the circumstances of our worldly condition. We are nothing more than a stiff neck people. In a little more than fifty years our worldly identity has changed from that of being know as Negros to African American. While the whole world watches we do more than complain about the death of many. We protest, we riot, we march all in the name of justice for the dead while the words rest in peace are like empty jars in a full pantry. But yet, we rarely address the sanctity of life for the living . We seam to have adopted the worldly view of life and death. We seam to have forgotten we are born to die. We seam to have forgotten even sunflowers fade. We seam to have  become too intelligent to understand there is not a check box for the manner in which we exit or enter this one life.


We have a constant need to draw the racism card, while raising and rallying around the flag of racism like it’s the only banner to fly. We have been rescued from our enemies so we can serve God without fear.  We have been rescued to rescue. We have been rescued to acknowledge we have been delivered from the bondage of our forefathers. We have been rescued to remember, report and rejoiced how our Father parted the red sea of racism with the blood of his only son. We have been rescued to articulate our ancestors were not the only ones. We have been rescued to autograph our story for his glory. We have been rescued to admit to the reality of our roots. And, finally we have been rescued to answer the call to act to help free those caught in the grip of bondage today.endtitoday

The End Modern Slavery Initiative Act of 2015 could change everything. Right now, the United States has the chance to launch a massive global initiative to end slavery. To get started, our elected officials need to know the African American Community cares about people trapped in slavery as much as it cares about NWA. Use your NWA and ACT TO END SLAVERY today. Sign the petition.



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