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BizNotesSantaJuly 2010

As a little girl I would cling to my Mother’s side as she constructed garments for my sister and me, while everyone else was outside playing. After a few years of intentional study, I was allowed to sew, but to my surprise as well as my Mothers, I could do more than sew, I could make patterns to fit out of newspaper! The seed of a fashion designer was planted and my Mother was the dirt that held it in. While in high school, I excelled in Art and Graphic Arts. I almost failed Home Economics, no surprise either, since our teacher wanted us to follow the guide sheet to the letter. Then came design school. The most important thing I learned from design school and many years in the fashion industry is to think ahead. So it’s July in Tennessee and I’m thinking Christmas and If I were still in the fashion industry I would be at least two seasons behind.

As I started to think about business, Christmas and blogging, I began to see some distinct parallels when I added Saint Nicholas to the mix. Having little confidence in my memory of the history of the jolly old elf, I soon learned thru the power of the internet that Mr. Nicholas went viral in the 17th Century when settlers arrived in New York with his story completely in tact. The true story of Santa Claus began with Saint Nicholas. On St. Nicholas Day in 1809 Washington Irving published Knickerbockers’ History of New York, a satirical work of fiction. Irving’s work was regarded as the “first notable work of imagination in the New World.” Thus creating a legend. A Visit from St. Nicholas was written in 1822 by Clement Clarke Moore and is now known as The Night Before Christmas.

So, yes Santa is a legend, loosely based on the past life of a Saint. If you ask me as a business man, this Santa guy has got it going on. For one thing his story went viral more than two centuries ago and is alive and well today. As business men and women we can learn and implement most, if not all of Santa’s characteristics. As a business woman and Mother, I require sleep but this Santa guy is working (service) while everyone else is asleep. Although he is self-employed, he still wears a uniform, even when he knows, his goal is not to be seen. What can we say about Santa’s focus? All of his focus is settled on one day, one event, Christmas. To him there is nothing else. Now let’s examine his level of commitment. This is one committed, roof walking, chimney sliding delivery man. When Santa arrives at this home, on a cold winters night, the joy and confidence of his work resonates and calms the Dad of this family. Santa’s purpose is defined. Santa’s purpose is concise. Santa’s purpose is to deliver toys to children home’s on the eve of December 24th by whatever means necessary. Santa shows up in spite of his age, unhealthy appearance and bad habit, no time for apologies, he’s speechless as he works. A productive peddler. Santa is on a mission, one in which he encourages his transportation team to dash, dash faster, there is a sense of urgency in his voice as they exist the property, yet Santa exclaims Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

This once hidden poem of Clement C. Moore has created countless joyful moments for many and many to come. This once hidden poem has inspired countless creative acts. This once hidden poem is an example of one effort multiplied to a power one is unable to quantify. All because of generous Saint Nicholas.

As creative business owners and bloggers, we have more to learn from this Santa story. We must consider evolution and time when growing our readership and craft. As the first settlers expanded the boundaries of the new world as they grew accustomed to the landscape and environment. We must follow their lead. We must consider blogging for an audience of one. You see in the original Santa Story we never, never see Santa visit but the one home. This unique visit. This single visit. This one visit. This audience of one, allows the world to participate, you see because where there ain’t many, there is room for ONE more. This is one reason why, you almost never see blogs with huge readership with counters displayed.

Somebody always writing this Santa man a letter and here in the US our government at one point in time played along (with taxpayer dollars) by enabling our federal postal services to collect letters. Santa is so embed in our culture he gets first dibs on editorial calendars and newspaper budgets. The North Pole is the official address for Santa and if you have the opportunity to visit, I’m sure you’ll find him delegating assignment to his elf team.

As we all know, not everyone likes the jolly old elf, because the jolly has a purpose and a platform and little LIKE buttons have no effect on his campaign or his mission. Toys will be delivered rather CNN, catches a glimpse of him or not. Ignore the LIKE buttons.

This Santa story also inspired a few songs and one sings of Santa coming to town and checking a list, not once but twice. Facebook and Twitter are growing and both will be there long after you have defined your niche, created products and generated your list of potential buyers. It is a risky business practice to grow to depend on your community of supporters, for anything more than support, for they may not be your potential buyers. Networking is important, but we must also network outside of our niche, just like Santa.

In conclusion, might I suggest that The Night Before Christmas is a written form of a business referral and Moore created this service guy Santa with solid business standards of the late 17th/18th century that are valid today.

Business Notes from Santa Claus is a work of fiction and was originally published in August of 2010. The article is republished each year as a gift to my loyal readers. Merry Christmas!

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