They meet with darkness in the daytime

Reflection: Total Solar Eclipse 2017, eternity and Jesus

Yesterday: August 21, 2017: We all wanted to see the darkness of the moon cover the light of the sun. I purposely stood in the shade and snapped pictures of the ground. But in that moment of choice in my heart, I too wanted some NASA glasses Today: August 22, 2017  – 5:18 AM. Questions […]

Jesus was twelve {from twenty years upward}

The laws of life and the lessons of love lost and found in the land of plenty

Yesterday, was my youngest’s birthday. He is now considered to be a man by modern men. He can purchase cigarettes but according to the law of the land, this man is not yet old enough to purchase liquor. We are living in a constant state of duplicity, but, not for a lack of knowledge but […]

Africa Study Bible Launches Worldwide

Celebratory Events Planned throughout Africa and in the US

Press Release From , Oasis International, Africa Study Bible Launches Worldwide Celebratory Events Planned throughout Africa and in the United States    “The Africa Study Bible is a project that has almost unprecedented ability to positively influence the body of Christ in Africa, perhaps more than other single continental-wide project in the history of Christianity.” […]

The Ninth Hour of Prayer (Acts 3:1)

Let's please continue .... Creating a Life of Prayer

From Earlier Today on Instagram and Face Book.   Hey y’all I am on CT Time … Let’s continue …. Creating a Life of Prayer in what may feel like the ninth hour of something or everything.   Most everyone is looking for their W2 in the mail box. My sister in love sent me […]

The Power of One is the bridge to reconcilation

HE is worthy of our trust at all times, in each and every season of life

My high school sweetheart, my son’s Daddy, my abuser was shot in the head outside of the Hermitage Hotel years before we prayed on the lawn of the abortion clinic (Feb. 5th 1999).  I remember the day, like it was yesterday. I remember that day, like it was yesterday, because February 5th is my Grand […]

12 Books on Prayer for 2017

When all you can do is pray, it's prayer time in the USA

I’ve been praying for a while, as a matter of fact prayer is my special gift. Prayer is the be all to end all. Prayer is how we get from here to there. Prayer is how I came up with and prayer is what lead me to also purchase Fifteen years ago I […]

Working on: Design Packet for The Nation Wide Princess Prayer Party

Praying God's will, way and wonder against the forces of Darker! Right Now

What I wrote on Instagram … Boots on the ground! I am personally offended by Mr. Darker’s audacity to launch on my Birthday. So, I am planning a Pink Princess Praying Party for my Birthday and I want you to join me in … Praying God’s will, way and wonder against the forces of Darker! […]