The 365-Day Storybook Bible

The Perfect "Can Do Challenge" Companion

The 365-Day Storybook Bible is the Perfect “Can Do Challenge Companion”  for children. The 365-Day Storybook Bible is colorful, bright and full of Bible characters. It’s 365 Days of five-minute stories for our children. Each day there is an awesome story about our Lord, His people and their activities. The 365-Day Storybook Bible allows our children […]

Let’s read the Bible in 90 Days

The Can Do Challenge Starts March 1, 2018!

  Let’s read the entire Bible in 90 Days. The Can Do Challenge Starts March 1, 2018! The CSB version of the Bible is super easy to read and with a reading text page count of 677, we can and will finish this greatest and best selling book of all time, right before Memorial Day! I […]

Key Word Bible Studies {She planted a vineyard}

Behold, a new thing, a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert

        Key Word Bible Studies is a new thing! Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19 KJV Image Sourced From Google

About that Summer I read the entire Bible

Download your very own 90 Day CSB Bible Reading Plan Today!

        RE: CSB 90 Day Bible Reading Plan! Download your very own 90 Day Bible Reading Plan Today! Thinking about that Summer I failed to read the entire Bible in 90 days. Or, shall I say thinking about that Summer, it took me 105 days to read the entire Bible! Key Word […]

CSB Notetaking Bible {Hardcover}

Simplicity Beautified with a sweet sage floral twist

You are simply going to just love this CBS Hardcover Notetaking Bible, I do! I’ve wanted a one column bible for a while now, so I feel really blessed to receive this Bible, in exchange for an honest review from Lifeway. This CBS Notetaking Bible is one thousand three hundred and twenty-seven pages and it […]

The short story of the {unfinished} restoration of a vintage wood fireplace mantle for the studio

  So, the cherry wood mantle in the Tennessee Tree House Studio is not done. Yes, the mantle sits in position in the studio Unfinished! After, days of tireless spraying, soaking and scraping it all just has to stop. I purchased the mantle, sometime back in May. The day after the purchase, I washed the mantle […]

They meet with darkness in the daytime

Reflection: Total Solar Eclipse 2017, eternity and Jesus

Yesterday: August 21, 2017: We all wanted to see the darkness of the moon cover the light of the sun. I purposely stood in the shade and snapped pictures of the ground. But in that moment of choice in my heart, I too wanted some NASA glasses Today: August 22, 2017  – 5:18 AM. Questions […]