FMF Link-up :: Tired

HALT {Charles Stanley}

  If we find ourselves tired and weary, know we are not likely in any position to make good solid decisions about anything, except that which we eat. Yesterday, I was surprised to meet my first adult Sunday School Teacher at the gas station. I like to call her Ms. Debbie as she is my elder. […]

A narrow path between the vineyards

Charles Stanley Week {Five Minute Friday}

Today, I am linking up with Kate Motaung, over at Five Minute Friday. Kate was passed the Five Minute Friday baton by Lisa-Jo Baker. Just as Deidra Riggs passed The Sunday Community baton to Lisha Epperson. I’m sure if you dig around the Christendom blogging world you too will find paths, patterns and positions. You might […]

A Clear View to remove the stone

How to Handle Adversity with Charles Stanley

In his book How to Handle Adversity, Charles Stanley graciously reminds us many things we already knew. But, we also know it always helps to make a list of key points to help us clarify our lessons. Please find below a list of four things I already knew, but Charles Stanley gives me a clear view to remove […]

Our Unmet Needs: The Basics

What benevolence can't cure with a blank check

Yesterday, I walked into an empty room with the television playing and no one watching Charles Stanley. I am reading a few books by Charles Stanley and I love his style of preaching, so I took myself a seat, to listen closely. This sermon sent me to find some paper to take some notes. Charles Stanley is […]