The short story of the {unfinished} restoration of a vintage wood fireplace mantle for the studio

  So, the cherry wood mantle in the Tennessee Tree House Studio is not done. Yes, the mantle sits in position in the studio Unfinished! After, days of tireless spraying, soaking and scraping it all just has to stop. I purchased the mantle, sometime back in May. The day after the purchase, I washed the mantle […]

In this age of 40 Under Forty

Moses would have been over qualified

It’s Wednesday and we are joining my friend Holley for Coffee for Your Heart weekly link-up!   The words to that song keep playing back in my head. Over and over again for days on end, It seems as if it will never end … You know I’ve always been a dreamer (spent my life […]

The Life and Ministry of Moses

Today we are joining Holley the Coffee for Your Heart weekly link-up! And this week’s writing prompt is: Where are you learning and finding freedom from perfection? The Life and Ministry of Moses It’s been a long study. We started way back in September with baby boy Moses. But now, we are headed for the finish […]

Lately I’m inspired by the perseverance of Tina Turner because We Don’t Need Another Hero

When the ministry He (Jesus) started more than two thousand years ago is still rocking the boat and love is His weapon of choice … We don’t need another hero. But, it I had to pick someone with skin on today I would go with Tina Turner. Tina Turner rebuilt and relaunched her career on more than […]

Keep on dancin’

The other day, I mentioned Marvin Gaye … and this one tune that just keeps me moving forward … step by step. Sometimes, early in the morning … I’ll put in my ear buds and turn the music up. Because my motto in reference to music is … I like the quiet sound of really loud music. […]

Finding love in all the right places

This month we celebrated our one year anniversary! Me and Jimmy, that is. Somehow, this photo of my folks made it’s way to the inside of my book bag. Likely, it’s with me to remind me all I know about marriage. Likely it’s with me to remind me all I know about moving. Likely, it’s with […]

Around Here Lately {Creating House & Home with Jesus}

It’s been a rough forty or so days around the God-Sized Dream House. Our Father continues to press in on the fiber of this family to bond it as one. It’s almost me and Jimmy’s first year marriage anniversary. And London and Lillian were married eight months the other day. We are on a journey […]