The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional

East Wind Productions, published, photographed and promoted

The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional {365 days} is produced, published, photographed and promoted by Eastwind Productions and Press. A little studio with BIG ideas, located in The Heart of Tennessee.

You are Invited to Come and Celebrate the Commencement of The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional with me the founder and creator of The One And Only Jesus Revolution! Please, come and Celebrate The Cause of Christ with me this Christmas. #shareacoke

Date: December 21, 2017
Time: 12:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Event: The One And Only Jesus Book Launch Celebration #Shareacoke
Topic: The One And Only Jesus
Sponsor: East Wind Productions And Press
Venue: Linebaugh Public Library System
(615) 893-4131
Location: 105 W. Vine St.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Public: Public

Confronting the legacy of Racial terror

There is power in the “Blood Red Proxy” of Jesus Christ

Please Note This is a repost from October 28, 2014. When “Black Power” and “White Privilege” seek to defer final justice to the “Blood Red Proxy” of Jesus Christ. When “Black Power” and “White Privilege” surrender final justice to the “Blood Red Proxy” of Jesus Christ. When “Black Power” and “White Privilege” sup with the final justice of the […]

The One And Only

Let No One Disqualify You

Yesterday, I explained how excited and blessed I am to connect with all my prayerful friends each and every week , this year I am looking at seven years of BSF and prayer is an intricate part of our worship and fellowships. But, what I have failed to share with you is my secret prayer […]

The One And Only

Designing Twins Tuesday

You know many women equate writing a book with the birthing process. And, that is exactly how I feel tonight! No, we are not at the finished book stage yet. But, we are at a point in the discovery process where we know a bit more today, about where we are going than we did […]

The One And Only

A pretty in pink season

This photo was snapped in Downtown Murfreesboro on Friday, Jan. 6 -2017 at one of my favorite shops. Since this Only (Jesus365) thing started back in 2015, right when we were finishing up Pick A Cup and Pray, my heart is leading me to complete it ASAP. Thankfully, around 100 photos were gathered from the […]

The One And Only

A Year of Creative Living

So, we are Looking forward to A Year Of Creative Living with much Joy and Thanksgiving as I discover and explore in real life all the possibilities of growing this theoneandonlyJesus gift to its full potential for the glory of Almighty God. So completely Thankful for my Journey with Jesus. He is the most special gift […]