FMF Link-up :: Tired

HALT {Charles Stanley}

  If we find ourselves tired and weary, know we are not likely in any position to make good solid decisions about anything, except that which we eat. Yesterday, I was surprised to meet my first adult Sunday School Teacher at the gas station. I like to call her Ms. Debbie as she is my elder. […]

A new thing, a way in the wilderness

Key Word Bible Studies - She planted a vineyard

I am super excited to be paring my photography, design talent and skills with the inerrant Word of God! This new thing has been twenty years in the making and the last three years have served as a continual testing ground for the all of me. Publishing The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional was […]

The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional

East Wind Productions, published, photographed and promoted

The One And Only Jesus Daily Devotional {365 days} is produced, published, photographed and promoted by Eastwind Productions and Press. A little studio with BIG ideas, located in The Heart of Tennessee.

What I Learned This Fall

with The One And Only Jesus

Hello, All, we are joining Emily Freeman, this morning for What we learned this Fall. Well, it’s been nothing but a learning season for me but I grinded my list down to three things just for you. 1.Creating a twisted wreath is an act of worship! 2. Teeny Tiny acts of obeidence yield more inspiration! […]