Ministry Minded Marketplace Monday

The state of racial unity in the church {MLK50 - Memphis}

The National Civil Rights Museum The MLK50 conference, hosted by The Gospel Coalition and the ELRC of the Southern Baptist Convention A Long Long Way: Race and Film FedEx Honors the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Where Have We Gone From There? MLK THINK TANK FOR SOCIAL ACTION Where Do We Go From Here? Symposium […]

Christ-minded women

Weekly small group gathering

    We had a great time celebrating Ms. Cathy’s birthday yesterday! We’ve been meeting weekly for almost two years. And we don’t really have a name for our Saturday gathering but prayer, accountability, oil, food, birthdays, books, Bibles and much laughter among Thanksgiving is always in the mix! Meeting on a regular basis with […]

Niche Notes: Slim Down your creative business plan for 2108 {visual}

You Are Your Now Niche November

Since it’s Sunday, and all, I thought I would go ahead and share my next step in creating our {visual} creative business plan. Now, that we somewhat know what the end product will look like, we can move on to the interior of our journal. I hope my journal will be at least 50 pages […]


Walking Jesus Strong Once And For All

Writing a book is only part of the book birthing process, we must usher the baby into the world with everything the Good Lord has blessed us with. Be it video, print or in person, it’s the author’s job to encourage others to read, gather and share the message. Today is Launch day for Lisa […]