You took away everything, Now you’re my everything ~And I choose you today

When Kirk Franklin's tune becomes The One And Only

Please find below four links to my story for His glory … The sheer horror … Thankful for new … My written testimony … What I learned … Give Me Kirk Franklin Mali, let’s go get ’em! Give me that joy I can’t explain Add extra peace that’ll ease my pain I want that love […]

How did we get here? I made my children a single promise

You will not be the one at the table without a story to tell or a song to sing

At some point in time my children would sometimes come to me with complaints of a difficult life. They wanted to go to Disneyland for each school break like everybody else. They wanted to go on family vacations. They wanted me to go to church camp with them. But instead we did things like Barn Hunting in […]

Then and now (You Love Me Anyway)

My friend Tommi (glasses) posted this photo on Face Book yesterday for Throw Back Thursday. I’m not sure exactly when this photo was taken. But, it looks like it was taken sometime before the birth of my daughter Lillian. Maybe two or three years before Lillian was born. So, that would mean I was around thirty or […]

Giving them half (pretty) the story cheats them of seeing the fullness of HIS glory

We were traveling inbound on US Highway 31 when a police led four vehicle motorcade decided to take over both lanes of traffic. And, mine you … there was plenty of traffic. My heart completely stopped as Jimmy took our vehicle to the Alabama grass. My Jimmy’s defensive move likely helped saved both our lives. We are under fire over here. […]

All is not lost when one is unable to get a selfie on the Edmund Pettus Bridge {Bloody Sunday}

All is not lost when everything and anything your husband grabs for you is paper, words and images from a Bloody Sunday Saturday. All is not lost when you are allowed some precious time with your uncle of eighty plus years. All is not lost as you watch your first cousin fill bottles with pills. All […]

Be thankful for new opportunity when evicted from almost everything & everybody but Jesus

The Food Pantry at Southeast Baptist Church is full of food to feed many and full of the possibility of new life. We have over two thousand cans of food to give away but while we are distracted by our lack of housing, others are not. The other day I learned some folks in one of our […]