Christ-minded women

Weekly small group gathering

    We had a great time celebrating Ms. Cathy’s birthday yesterday! We’ve been meeting weekly for almost two years. And we don’t really have a name for our Saturday gathering but prayer, accountability, oil, food, birthdays, books, Bibles and much laughter among Thanksgiving is always in the mix! Meeting on a regular basis with […]

Restating my position

Rebel for the Cause of Christ Jesus

Please Know, I am a fan of Murfreesboro Loves but my mission is The Cause of Christ Jesus. I am restating my position, because my love is based on HIS love and although many may need a community crisis to love their neighbor, for many others it’s an everyday thing as well as a Biblical […]

You took away everything, Now you’re my everything ~And I choose you today

When Kirk Franklin's tune becomes The One And Only

Please find below four links to my story for His glory … The sheer horror … Thankful for new … My written testimony … What I learned … Give Me Kirk Franklin Mali, let’s go get ’em! Give me that joy I can’t explain Add extra peace that’ll ease my pain I want that love […]

I don’t do Politics but I majored in Fashion

"Millions of women copied her." Jackie not Michelle {Everyday Icon}

I don’t do Politics online but I majored in Fashion. You may guess who I might cast my vote for. But, you will never know. I believe the curtain at the voting booth is there for a reason. As elections are divisive in nature. A few years ago, I picked up Everyday Icon at some […]

Ministry minded marketplace

The business of pointing all people to Jesus

Today I’m drinking some instant Folgers Cappuccino while sitting on a used floral vintage sofa in an almost empty two bedroom apartment. We’ve almost been here thirty days and we’ve yet to really move in. Although, while here we’ve got some much needed rest despite the constant noise in the background. We keep the whole house fan on […]