What I am learning this Spring (2017) A New Season of Prayer ~ A Necessary Passage

Today we are joining Emily P. Freeman for … What We Learned This Spring! Not long ago we lived in a super nice house on The Valley of Gold. I called it The God Sized Dream House, in real life and online. Not long ago Jimmy married me and the nights turned into mornings on a […]

What I learned: Winter 2017 {About Prayer}

"An artist draws his or her peace through the power of prayer"

Today I’m joining Emily Freeman and her readers in talking about what we learned this winter season. This winter season has been a prayerful one for me and much has been learned. And the short list you will find below … Biblical prayers are locked and loaded thanksgivings and petitions. Biblical prayers have been previously tested on […]

You took away everything, Now you’re my everything ~And I choose you today

When Kirk Franklin's tune becomes The One And Only

Please find below four links to my story for His glory … The sheer horror … Thankful for new … My written testimony … What I learned … Give Me Kirk Franklin Mali, let’s go get ’em! Give me that joy I can’t explain Add extra peace that’ll ease my pain I want that love […]

oh: the sheer randomness of what we learned in March {Religions & rituals from the temple to the tomb}

Today we are joining Emily for What we learned in March. BSF is on Spring Break, so we will be back next Thursday with our regular What she said post. Please find below, five things I learned in March. Every Wednesday ought to be like Ash Wednesday. Every Thursday ought to be like Maundy Thursday. Every […]

Four random things we learned in January

We are super Thankful for Emily and the monthly – Let’s Share What We Learned link-up! I am happy to learn about two conferences being held this spring in Tennessee. One will be held in Memphis and the other will be held right here in Murfreesboro. The KAINOS 2015 Conference will be held in Memphis Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 6:00 […]

Seven (7) completely random things I learned in November {High School Football}

Today we are joining Emily (chattingatthesky) for What we learned in November Link-up. Please find below seven (7) completely random things I learned in November from High School Football. When you think it’s over it’s just beginning again. You must be on the field to play ball. A single player can play both sides of the […]