Compelled to create with HIM: packing praying and painting {Pick-a-cup & pray}



At some point in time, I shared with you a picture of a project I was working on. I started working on this project while we were preparing to move. I started working on this project while we were packing to move. There it sat in a room full of plain plus liquor boxes and tape. I didn’t even know what to call it. The only thing I knew was, when I turned in the first daft of the project to our pastor, he was disappointed. His reply to me was he expected something bigger, something more creative from me. Yes, Brother Kent put the pressure on. And you know, he had every right to do so.

The original project, I tried to turn in was void of Jesus. Although, I sat up late at night to create the spreadsheet it was void of Jesus and me. Although, I sat up late at night and prayed over the spreadsheet it was void of any Jesus.

The project, it sat in a room that was once living.

One day much later, Me and Jimmy, went by the church and picked up this venue booth, Brother Kent suggested we use . We left it on the back deck until the winter rains threaten to wash it away. Because of the winter weather we were forced to bring it in. And, there it sat, like a new member of our family, there it sat. Waiting to be covered again, there it sat. As it sat in the living room, day after day … I was soon forced to pay it some attention. Soon the wearing of paint clothes was necessary in order to get the packing and painting done. When we grew tired of packing we would paint. When we grew weary from painting we would pray. Soon, a pattern of this process became the norm and we would paint, pack and pray.


Weeks before while in Brother Kent’s office I notice he had started drinking tea. This somewhat startled me as I too had started drinking less coffee and more tea. Drinking tea from a tea-cup, changes the pace of your day. With tea cups and forty hours on my mind I started to shop and pray. Much rejoicing was done when forty paper clocks were found at everything is  a dollar. But, prior to that … thankfulness for forty tea cups discovered at one place in one day made this once captive even more free.  I felt just a little sad for the clerk as she wrapped each cup because my joy could not be contained!

The cups were washed in the dishwasher and then placed high on the mantle to remind me of HIS faithfulness. When we grew tired of packing we would paint. When we grew weary from painting we would pray and one day it all became Pick A Cup & Pray.


After the revelation, after the reveal from our Father, I sadly realized I was in way over my head and I called in my go to for creative help … Amy Parker. She is one of my partners and as the project deadline got closer, I asked her to complete it for me and she did! I am so very thankful … Amy sees what I see. She sees the end as the beginning and this sight of our continues to bind us.

Thankful to our Father in heaven for any and every idea He has been so Faithful to bless me with. Know, I am far from perfect but we serve a perfect savior and His name is Jesus.

Look what happens when we pray, continue to do the work and get out-of-the-way.

When ideas become reality it’s … Praise Time In Tennessee.

This week our BSF leader reminded us …

Instead of looking at the obstacles, we need to look at the opportunity.

Are you looking at your obstacles as opportunities?

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