Day 7 of 10 Days of Blogging Revelation #mylifemattersnot

Put on your party hats and dance around heaven.

day6-br-1200Although Solomon lived he also died. And his death is recorded in the Book of 2 Chronicles nine. He did rule Israel for over forty years. He is buried in the City David like his Daddy. This is the crazy thing about the Bible, if you binge study/read it from beginning to ending, you must, at some point come to terms with war, death and dying. The Bible is God’s Story and within it is much death and dying. Because death and dying are a part of life.

But one days there is going to be a CELEBRATION, and hopefully we will all get to put on our party hats and dance around heaven. Until then we can rest in the peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for we know the end of the story. Jesus overcomes death and we have the victory!

The Book of Revelation is filled with symbolism and simplicity. On one hand it is super complicated read and hard to wrap our heads around. But on the other hand it’s a super easy read and helpful to rinse and wash our hearts in.

The bottom line is this, Jesus conquers all, and all includes death and I for one rejoice and have peace in His righteousness.

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