Dead Periods and Summer Shut Downs

Ministry of Motherhood ~ High School Football 101


My son plays football for Oakland High School, his position is Right Tackle. And this is his last year. That’s right he is a rising senior, whatever that means. I keep his field position noted in my cell phone, in case I forget, because someone is asking all the time. You run into them at the Dollar Store, they ask. You run into them at the grocery store, they ask. All the time someone is asking what my son’s football field position is and because I usually don’t know it, I refer to my handy device, for the ever sought after answer. Because it is my goal to end this Mothering Season well, I am submerging myself in High School Football. I’ve volunteered to be the Senior Parent Coordinator and I’ve also offered to help feed the boys for pregame and game nights. I am so very excited!

elijah2015But before we can fully commit to this football season, we must go through the noted Dead Period, which starts on Monday.

A “Dead Period,” as the name implies, is a time when nearly all activity is temporarily shut down.

Here in the heart of Tennessee, we enjoy our share of automobile manufacturers. We constantly are able to see Nissan and General Motor vehicles roll off the assembly line. It takes a great many people to produce cars and many of them are not even employed by the above mentioned manufactures. Nevertheless, those folks, family and friends jobs will be on shut down mode for the very same time period (06/27/16 – 07/10/16), give or take a day or two.

Historically, the summer shutdown was used by the automakers to complete the annual model changeover.

06112016-sonyaLast summer, I shut down this blog and read the entire Bible in what was to be ninety days but was actually one hundred and ten days. Reading the Bible like a book completed changed my out look on this my one life. And, since then I quit blogging on any type of regular basis. Oh, but I have noticed I spend way too much of God’s time on the Face Book and the Instagram, so this Summer I am using the Dead Period as my time to shut down and maybe withdraw from the crowd like Jesus.

I’m sure you know Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed, some even say he continued his habit of retiring to deserted places and praying.

What steps, if any, will you take to enter the Dead Period of activity for summer shut down or to simply withdraw like Jesus?

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