Feasting on Friday {Africa Study Bible}

One of the few reasons I would return to Blogging


Years ago I started blogging to rediscover my inspired creative self and the Lord was faithful in the revelation of me. I learned and relearned so much about myself until the learning made my head spin. My love for the word of God has always been a gift which has done no thing but grow over the years. I received my very first Bible at the age of five, it of course has red letters. My most favorite thing to do is sit with several translations of his word, with paper and pen in hand and dig right in. So, quite naturally, when I learned about the Africa Study Bible, I got all excited and replied to the e-mail to learn more about this resource and offer my support. At this point I am not on the Africa Study Bible Blogger Team, but know I hope to be and I look forward to sharing any future news about this most exciting source. Sharing news about the Good News is one of the few reasons I would return to Blogging. I’m back!

So, let’s just called this Feasting on Friday.

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