five minute friday :: real


My online presence is about as real as it gets theses days. After being in Kelly Rae Robert’s first online class years ago I’ve tried to present an extremely real and transparent presence online. As a flawed follower of Jesus Christ I believe it most important to share the good, the bad and the somewhat ugly parts of my life. I also believe it is deceptive and harmful to the Kingdom to share only pretty pictured post. But mind you, I do try to limit my sharing to my life only. I often mention few folks, family and friends of this one life as to let you know there are other people in my life. But, I also believe these people have their own story to share or not to share. It’s like I said the other day …

Giving them half (pretty) the story cheats them of seeing the fullness of HIS glory in this your one life.

Hanging out with Kate and the gang for five minute friday :: real


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