For the love of faith, family and fire



When everything changes all at once but your everyday dreams remain the same. For the love of faith, family and fire I do pray. Lord, you know the deep crevices of my heart and you Lord fill the cracks in my soul. You see my body is growing old … yet, day by day there is so much more to hold. Father, I thank you. If I had a thousand tongues and ten thousand more days, I could not thank you enough for the grace you have paid. Lord, my Father, my righteous savior, my holy redeemer. You Lord are enough. Father, I pray that you would continue to pave the way, for this your one believing daughter I pray. Father I pray that you Lord, only you would continue to light the way. Father, order my each and every step so that I would be able to continue to boldly declare the works of your ever-present hand and the wonders of you in the all of your land to a people or person from wherever I may stand, sit and slumber. Father forgive me for when and where I fail thee. Thank you for sending your only son Jesus. In his darling name I do pray. Amen.

Image Credit is Google round table.

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