Forgiveness makes way for love {#RRRR}

bible-verses-about-forgiveness (3)My Mom and Dad had this special ability to love any and everybody. Their love was intentional and directive. It was like they were given this special love gun and if you were in the path of the love bullet, you just were simply stung.

Mom and Day purchased their dream home about ten years or so before my Mother’s death. But, before they could buy it, they had to sell the home the four of us grew up in. They also gave most but not all of their furniture away before the final moving day. It was after the sale of this home, when my Mother finally decided to open her condom vending machine business. Yes, my Mom and Dad sold condoms from a vending machine in the mist of the initial Aids Crisis.

Once settled into their dream house, My Mom and Dad began the task of befriending all of their neighbors. They moved into their dream house during the winter and by the very next Christmas there were all of theses extra-large Christmas presents under their tree. Mom and Dad gifted each one of their neighbors children every Christmas and every birthday. I remember Momma being so excited about shopping for the neighbors children, but the most excitement came when she placed their name on the soon to be presented box.

The intentional and directive love gun stuns. Why, you oughta Tweet that! 

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