How did we get here? I made my children a single promise

You will not be the one at the table without a story to tell or a song to sing


At some point in time my children would sometimes come to me with complaints of a difficult life. They wanted to go to Disneyland for each school break like everybody else. They wanted to go on family vacations. They wanted me to go to church camp with them. But instead we did things like Barn Hunting in the middle of summer. We had big bond fires with our neighbors. One early summer night, me and Elijah even fell asleep on the porch swing. But here’s the thing while my children were growing up I made them a single promise … I promised them … They would likely not find themselves with a group of people and not a story to tell.


Mothering is a battle of wills. Our will versus his will but his will, his way and his wonder is laid bare for us all to read and study in HIS word. Willful children are looking to be guided in consistent and steadfast love.


Mind you, my children are just like the rest of all the children out there. They both have an iPhone. Lillian’s husband pays for hers and Elijah’s Dad pays for his. I personally don’t think my son of fifteen is old enough for an iPhone. But never the less he has one. About six weeks ago I began collecting Elijah’s phone every night at 10PM.  Each night at 10PM, I would ask him to charge his phone and place it on the window seal in my bedroom. Well, would you not know it, about three weeks in and he began making statements like … Mom, I’m putting my phone in your room! He was so into the routine I thought maybe he had a burner phone somewhere. You know, like on the spy shows. Well, the truth is consistent and steadfast love is best.


Last fall I began to wonder if I would ever see my son without an iPhone or football in his hand. So, I put his phone on deep freeze for the week of Fall Break. Yes, that’s right I put his iPhone his Daddy bought in the deep freezer for a week. And, I will let one of them tell you of all the sad, so very, very sad ipod stories.


In a short few hours, I will hopefully see my daughter graduate from Holloway High School as a married woman. She has worked hard for this. She has battled and overcome so much in this her one young life. I hope and pray this to be a blessed new beginning for my daughter. She has such a great big heart. It pains me to know Lillian’s greatest battle has been fatherlessness, as in the battle for many theses days. I’m grateful through much Bible Study and counseling Lillian has knowledge of the root of her pain and she is better equipped to advocate for herself.


But I can tell you, how she overcame this battle of  living a young life without a Daddy present. The answer is and was church. The answer for Lillian was a church full of folks who loved on her. Whenever the youth at our church would go on mission trips Brother Joe and Brother Kent along with their wives or daughters would make sure children like Lillian never felt left out but counted in.


You have great influence as you nurture and shape the ones God placed in your care. They grow up and hear many other voices, but you God gave you dibs! — Georgia C Pointer

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