I be not a Motherless child at fifty one for HE be the giver of grace

BLOCKblank-TLWMAlthough my Mother is not among the living, I be not a Motherless child. For the Lord has provided in this land of plenty. My Mother received a radical mastectomy when I was but twenty one. She was but forty six. She lived a full life breast cancer free for a little more than fourteen years. My Mother, Eula died on the first day of January 1998. She was but sixty. While you may question my story and my approach, I wonder if you know how it feels to say good buy to your Mother, when you are all but thirty five. I wonder if in the year 2007 you held a letter from the then white president of these United States confirming what you already knew. Agent Orange causes lung cancer and lung cancer caused the death of the earthly princess keeper of you. Yes, I wonder how many times you have stood in the sick room of death.

Although it may appear as if I am completely alone, I be not alone, nor lonely. I am in awe and ever thankful to the one who keeps the all of me for HE has provided in this land of plenty. I am so very thankful for the work which is done around the interwebs in the department of grace. But, truth be told, there is but one who is able to provide mercy and grace and his name is Jesus. I’m am sure as to the how we can take ourselves out of the equation and that would be if we permitted ourselves to sit in lower case so HIS name would be no thing but great.

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