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Last chance prayer

IMG_20160609_073947Day 44

I don’t even know what to title this post. I only know, without the presence of Jesus in my life and in my spirit I have a really bad temper. When I was eighteen my Daddy took me to the side and spoke to me about controlling my temper. Over the years I have learned to temper my temper through prayer and my environment. Last Wednesday (day 44) I had a super Sonya show out moment. My job assignment was changed at the last-minute and I became insubordinate. I told the supervisor and the rest of the crew, what I was not going to do. There was no submission, and there was no servant present in me. Now, most people would be surprise by my behavior, but I was not. I recognized this behavior, it was public and most unnecessary. It was our Wednesday to work on the floor and I had planned to work on the floor alone and pray for the people I saw working and those I did see working on the East side of the building. You see, I had already spent a prior Wednesday working and praying for the people on the west side of the building. And somehow I thought … Wednesday, was my final chance to pray for the east side workers. After, I calmed down from my show out moment, I went to the east side of the building with a trash cart and prayed for forgiveness for myself and then I asked God to continue to care for all those there. It was a brief prayer, straight and to the point. My shame was great. I gathered myself and my emotions and I went back to work with the rest of the crew on the west side of the building.

You see, Amazon is one of those places, where everything and everybody is scanned on the way out, but nothing and I do mean nothing as in no thing is scanned on the way in. There are multiple gates and galleys to exit the building but a wide open free way to enter the building. Such blatant disparities make me sick and days later, I am still sick.

On June 3, I posted this on Face Book

Praying for all my co workers:
Lord Thank You for each and every friend, foe and family.
Lord please continue to bless and keep us all.
Lord please cause us all to remember you alone are the provider of all things. Lord, please remind us each and every one how you took a rib from Adam prior to blessing him with the woman Adam named as Eve. Lord, Thank You for blessing me with the crazy love of this group of people, accepted and loved just as I am was their job one. Thank You Lord! Come what may for once I was not rejected but accepted! My feeling not hurt but my truth embraced. And yesterday I walked on my two feet without the fear and or presence of pain. Thank You Lord! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

The first thing I noticed about the Amazon facility was the constant noise of the conveyor belt running throughout the entire building. The first day, I though the constant noise would easily drive me insane. But, by day forty-four I heard it not! I could not even hear myself but I could see myself and what I saw was not pretty nor did it look anything like Jesus Christ.

Most folks who work there, work ten-hour shifts. With a thirty minute break for lunch. While I was there the cleaning crew received an hour lunch break. What this means is I was actually working or preparing for work for more than half of a twenty four-hour day. Somehow, I convinced myself that because we work four days per week, I was only really working for half of the month. And, I wonder why I am so very exhausted!

The other day, I wrote a little in the morning, worked on a very special project in the afternoon and I was sleep a little before five and woke up the next day at five.

Oh, by the way … The header for the Stand In the gap newsletter (pictured above) was commissioned by my church and designed by me.

Thankful am I for all blessings great and small, including the gift to photograph, design and publish that which He prompts! We serve a mighty God!

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