Jesus was twelve {from twenty years upward}

The laws of life and the lessons of love lost and found in the land of plenty

Yesterday, was my youngest’s birthday. He is now considered to be a man by modern men. He can purchase cigarettes but according to the law of the land, this man is not yet old enough to purchase liquor.

We are living in a constant state of duplicity, but, not for a lack of knowledge but understanding.

When Jesus was twelve years old, he went up to Jerusalem. This biblical account of a young Jesus is in regard to Jesus and Jesus alone. For the entire time Jesus was on this earth, He was fully man and fully God. Even as a little baby, He was fully man and fully God. When Jesus was twelve years old, he was fully man and fully God.

And when he was twelve years old, they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast. Luke 2:42

As a culture we have been wrong about many things. I am not going to delve into our long list of cultural wrongs in this post. But you and I both know we have been wrong.

Today I would like to suggest to you, that as a culture we have committed a great disservice to children in regards to the age of accountability. We have used our savior Jesus Christ to deflect our duty and our responsibility. We can not expect the wisdom of Christ at twelves years of age to be the wisdom of our children.

Soon, one generation will suffer from the hands of another, because of  terms and trends we were quick to adopt. The term “Latchkey Children” is more damming than the term marginalized. Those who we consider marginalized live in this culture with little or low expectations, so it is less damming to us when these children do not reach their full potential.

What the Bible says about the person of Jesus Christ is there to inform us about the person of Jesus Christ. And Jesus teaches us how to care for little children.

But what does the Bible say about children who are not little.

From twenty years old and upward is what the Bible says, we just fail to listen.

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