Let’s read the Bible in 90 Days

The Can Do Challenge Starts March 1, 2018!


Let’s read the entire Bible in 90 Days. The Can Do Challenge Starts March 1, 2018!

The CSB version of the Bible is super easy to read and with a reading text page count of 677, we can and will finish this greatest and best selling book of all time, right before Memorial Day!

I read, a different version from cover to cover back in 2015 and it’s past time for me to read it again. We can do this and the Good Lord has made a way.

The beautiful thing about the 90 Day plan is that we can’t mess up or fall short. All we need to do is start this plan early enough in the year and we are more likely to read the entire text. In one calendar year, there are four opportunities to read the Bible in 90 Days.

Let’s do this! Let’s fix our eyes and ears on the one and only Jesus for such a time as this.

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