Life is a journey of Unpacking Hope

Blogging Revelation: When everything seams hopeless

cropped-hope1.jpgAccording to Instagram, I took the hope photo in this post some one hundred and eleven weeks ago. When I started packing up the God sized dream house, the first thing I did was take photos of each room. I don’t know why. I just wanted a photo of each room in our home in its clean state. The next thing on the packing list was decor items. And, it was at this point when I realized I was packing hope. So, I took a step back and snapped a photo with my phone.

I’ve always been different.

And the Lord has always and forever had me on a different path than most others. But when it seamed as if The Lord had called me to write I wanted to be just like everyone else. I wanted a book publishing contract just like everyone else. Sadly, I was not content in the production, photography publishing position the Lord  had so strategically placed me in. Why, He even paid for it all. You know, sometimes The Lord is liken to the conductor of a big marching band or something. He is always works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose. It’s for His purpose we are called. Over the last several months I have come to realize and own this particular sin of mine. Know, I have asked for much forgiveness and know I know I am Loved and forgiven.

The Lord blessed me with the title for this book after I read the Book of Revelation for the very first time. I may have said it before but I read the Book of Revelation the first time out of fear. But, somehow I did not connect the two until I was in the mist of my third reading and second study of the Book of Revelation. Usually, I read the final chapter of  any given book  first. But not so with the Bible. I had never read the Book of Revelation. So, one day five years ago, I picked up my Bible and read the Book of Revelation in one sitting. It scared me silly but read is what it was.

sonyabooksUntil February of this year almost everything in my life seamed hopeless. I felt as if I had lost everything. But know, feelings are not facts and this statement keeps me grounded. I love the month of February as it is my birthday month and every February I give myself permission to buy myself a new Bible and this February was no different, or so it seamed.

It was different

I was different, after finally publishing three of my books.

I was different.

And know, I am more than OK with being different now!

But, I also know, you may not be OK with me being different. And, it matters not, if I don’t fit in the box you created for me. Because, I am on a Mission of Motherhood, because my son is different. I am on a Mission of Motherhood, because my daughter is different. And different is good! When everything and everybody is the same there is little hope.

DSC_0854The difference of Hope is what the world needs right now.

Hope for when you are determined and dog tired. Hope for when you are distraught but different because your Mother taught you since before the day you were born that we don’t do good luck we do Jesus. We don’t do bad luck we do Jesus. We don’t do politics we do Jesus. We don’t do protests and parties unless they are for Jesus. This hope that we speak of gets us super excited down deep on the inside to the point of standing up and cheering when it sees the number 66 on your back. Because this hope is quickly reminded of the number of books in the Bible and the 6.6 height you will likely be. So, although at this moment we remain divided and disbursed our hope is stronger in Jesus Christ and his righteousness. His justice is pure and His love trumps hate. Not just any love, But the love of Christ Jesus trumps Hate. He is the beginning of each and every story. And the weight of His glory is the end. You may be denied and despised by the world but Jesus is the equaliser and Jesus is the qualifier of His chosen for the ministry of reconciliation so they can build temples that will never drift away or be destroyed in the now or what seams to be our last days.


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