Linky Love: Black-ish on TV and the movie DEAR WHITE PEOPLE {#RRRR}


Much is in the news these days in regards to race and reconciliation. Please find below ten recent links on the subject of race and reconciliation. Please know I am sharing links in this post and my sharing does not constitute any type of endorsement and or agreement in content of articles listed and shared below.

  1. Mud Creek seeks racial reconciliation
  2. Reconciliation in Scripture
  3. Black-ish
  4. Dear White People
  5. The gospel and racial reconciliation
  6. What in the World is Going On
  7. A Random White Guy’s Vision for Racial Reconciliation 
  8. Race in America After Ferguson
  9. A look at the biblical ministry of reconciliation
  10. Racial Reconciliation, It’s not a One Way Street