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Today I’m drinking some instant Folgers Cappuccino while sitting on a used floral vintage sofa in an almost empty two bedroom apartment. We’ve almost been here thirty days and we’ve yet to really move in. Although, while here we’ve got some much needed rest despite the constant noise in the background. We keep the whole house fan on most of the time to help distract us from the lack of silence.

These days the hubs can be found in Franklin rebuilding the winter wood pile.

My daughter is getting ready to march the isle for her high school commencement. It’s hard to believe but in just a few more days she will get her HS diploma as a married woman. Right now, I’m not concerned if she is hooking up or if she will pass her final exams. Because she already put all that behind her. No, she is not perfect but she is perfectly fine with who she is and this is one grateful Mother. There was a point in our story where we both stood in a sea tears, fighting back fears. So it ain’t all been pretty props & pictures. But never the less commencement is coming.

To God be the glory in our everyday story of this thing we call life.

Surprisingly, my son received an informal invite to practice playing football at Stanford, the same day he broke his thumb. Friends our hearts are set on UT and we may play some practice ball at Stanford but Tennessee is the place this heart loves to be.

Can we say, you just can’t out dream God.

Bible Study Fellowship closes out this week with an annual share day. The study of the Life of Moses has impacted my thoughts greatly. Thoughts of Moses flood my mind on a regular basis theses days. I can hardly go several hours without thinking of him. I just love how the Book of Deuteronomy states toward the end … Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone. But BSF is almost over for the year and we are all praying and looking forward to their first ever class wide study of the book of Revelation.

I’m not sure if you know it or not? But we are currently in a business master mind class at our bank. That’s right, at our local bank. At some point, some time ago I disclosed where we bank at. And, that may not have been one of my best ideas but never the less it’s in the archives for all to read. The business master mind class is an eight week course and we are about to head into our eighth and final week. Mr. Seasoned Banker highly recommends The E-Myth Revisited as a guide for would be entrepreneurs. But we also learned last week that Mr. Seasoned Banker has created a 2.0 version of his class not as a followup but as an add on. Just when you thought you were almost done? The book for Small Business Master Mind 2.0 is The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Lately, I find myself at the Boro’s Cultivate Coworking spot a lot more than I might have imagines a few months ago. They have something new to offer every week, in other words they like to keep small business fresh. I’ve also been learning to use our Public Transportation System more effectively and I am now actually enjoying riding the bus. Plus I get more reading in!

I am super excited about seeing the movie Noble with one hundred folks, family and friends this Friday the 8th day of May. An e-mail from the ladies over at Leading & Loving it guided us to this great snatch.

Ministry Minded Marketplace is a new blog series and will be published here every Monday for the remainder of the year. We are introducing this new series as part of National Small Business Week. According to Mr. Seasoned Banker America’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the President has declared this week National Small Business Week.

So, that’s what I’m into for the month of April and beyond. What about you?

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