Mother’s Day and “The Reading Closet”

{Bibles and Books on the set} The Good News Sunday Show

My youngest child graduates from High School next Sunday. He is seventeen and he was seventeen when he committed to play college football for what was once known as Middle Tennessee State University. Here is the kicker, my daughter married her High School Sweetheart on her eighteenth birthday. She accepted her sweetheart’s proposal when she was seventeen.

Do you see a pattern here, I do!

This week I bought myself a few books for Mother’s Day. I enjoy books and I like to read. I’m not much of a television watcher, but a good book, I’ll mix company with most any day of the week. When my children were little I super tried to encourage them both to read. We rarely had cable and or the dish, but I always made sure they had books of their very own to read. We moved to Murfreesboro fifteen summers ago. At the time, I worked for a newspaper in Franklin and I spent more time on Highway ninety-six than I did our house in Murfreesboro. It was during this transition that the idea for the reading closet was planted. I would get home from a long day at work and books and bags would be all over the place. My daughter was in kindergarten and every single day she required something from the store. Some days the requirement was nothing more than white glue and other days it was as extreme as the costume on the cover of her reading book! Nevertheless the idea for The Reading Closet was birthed and the hall linen closet lost it’s hanging rod. I filled the lower shelves of The Reading Closet with books and magazine just for my kids and the higher shelves became storage space for all things Crayons, Elmer’s and Rose Art. I also added the sweetest little step stool for the children to sit and linger with their favorite book. The Reading Closet became the go to place in our home and my children and I have sweet memories of  this special created place.

So, now fast forward fifteen years and my children are almost all grown up and such, but know I’ve decided to create a physical and digital space for “The Reading Closet.” The digital space for “The Reading Closet” will be a page on the site of The Good News Sunday Show! And the physical space for “The Reading Closet” is the closet in my home studio.

The second Sunday of each month of The Good News Sunday Show will be dedicated to the reading of Books and Bibles on the set of The Good News Sunday Show. Mind you, we will not be reviewing and or responding to the content of Books and Bibles, we will be reading the author’s words and thoughts directly from the pages of Books and Bibles on the show.

What we want to do is encourage folks to pick up, borrow and or buy books to read.

Not long ago, I visited The Billy Graham library, I actually spent an entire day there. I was there when they opened and I was there when they closed for business at the end of day. It was an awesome experience and whenever I think of my time there I always remember looking at all the books this one man has willingly held in the palm of his hand. In some ways this is life-giving life.

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