My black boy belongs to Jesus Christ … on a rented bus full of white folks {America today}

Let's stop raging for the dead and start reaching for the living in real life

wiremanboyThese days, Jesus is my only, while (my boy) is my center, and plus all his friends be them whatever color they may be. I am in the trenches with these young people. I speak to them and they honestly speak back to me. I step down off the porch and speak for them. I step up in the stands to scream with them. I am not on the side … past my time in the Mothering of a black boy in America today. I am his and he is mine and most days all I can do is pray Jesus please be a fence of protection around my boy. But this boy of mine was dipped in the water not once but twice. Yes, my boy belongs to Jesus! He belongs to Jesus, both on the football field and off the field. My boy belongs to Jesus on a bus full of white folks headed out of the Country and my boy belongs to Jesus on a bus with his teammates in the back woods of Tennessee. Let’s stop raging for the dead online and start reaching for the living in real life.The living can speak for themselves, the question is do we listen to the living or keep chasing the dead? When I see you extend your heart, head and or hands to the living in love, then I will stop crying out in the wilderness. But maybe, just maybe this is not your calling but your crutch? Maybe we are all the ones Jesus turned the tables over for in the temple? The really bad news is we are all going to die, we just don’t know the how, when or where of the matter. The Good News is eternal life is available for all who choose to believe in and on Jesus Christ!

Know although I cringe and cry I know , that I know, that I know we live lives in the present reality of what is seen better known as now. But we also live in the unseen realm of the now known as eternity because we believe we are whosoever. My son is on the football team, but even more importantly my son is whosoever. I am so not done … Notes from in the trenches with The Millennial Generation

 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 (KJV)

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