NICHE NOTES: Navigate Nashville Style

You are your own NICHE November

Navigate your Niche Nashville Style as part of the Creative Business Marathon 4.0, I will walk you through mapping your creative business plan in circles and cycles, just like the great city of Nashville. You will determine your destination and I will be your tour guide.

I am not a native Tennessean, I was born on an Air Base in another state. But, my Dad retired from the Air Force in 1971 and moved us from everywhere to the Heart of Tennessee. It was and is by choice that I’ve remained here for so many years.  I lived in Franklin and graduated from Franklin High School in the eighties. After graduating from O’More College of Design, I bought and renovated a once historic property in East Nashville. After, becoming a mother, I moved to Murfreesboro for what was Year Round Schooling. My Dad taught me how to navigate around Downtown Nashville in a vehicle by commanding me to memorize the one-way streets around the Downtown Library. This knowledge of this city later proved to be greatly beneficial as I drove around and around the city on April 16, 1998. It’s been almost twenty years since the east wind ripped through my home and my life. My company East Wind Productions was birthed through this seemingly endless stormy season and in this season of restoration Jesus allowed me to purchase! I am so excited, I hope you will join me in creating a business map based on the  Map of the city of Nashville.

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