Pick A Cup And Pray 2.0

The picking of cups for praying

When the Lord told Joshua and team to march around Jericho seven times than what the Lord intended for Joshua and team to do was march around Jericho seven times.
Over the years The Lord has been generous with me and blessed me with some crazy ideas. He has also allowed me to execute many of His crazy ideas, as well.
Back, in 2015, after much praying He blessed me with the idea for Pick A Cup And Pray! But my execution of this idea was not in line with His instructions. The picking of the cups (which contained assigned prayer hours was to be random and random it was NOT!

 I failed to stand my ground on His instructions.

 So, fast forward to 2017 and know we have yet to stop praying to our Father in Heaven. But know, on February 10th the picking of cups for biblical praying assignments will be random!
And when the Lord allows me and mine to execute The One And Only Jesus Ministry, we will be praying and paying special attention to what thus says The Lord, because He is still speaking, but we do not always listen and act accordingly.    

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