The Only Way

comeprayercards100There is but one way to get to  Almighty God and His name is Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the light. The road, the High Way to God is through His one and only son and the vehicle by which one gets there is called prayer. Our brokenness will not gets us there. Our rightness will not get us there. Our bank account will not get us there. And, friend … might I add our wrongness will not keep us from going there. But what will get us there and keep us there is being in a right relationship with the one and only. However, what I stopped by to remind us today is this … when we pray to our Father In Heaven for anything and everything … In this and every season we must give Him a reason. That’s right, give Our Father in Heaven  a reason to answer your prayer. Yes, like a child! The reason may simply be, so that the one you are praying for may continue to stand and boldly declare the mighty name of Jesus.

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