Sacred Sabbath Spaces for Your Sunday

Searching for the simple rustic warmth of winter {no staircase}

We are not all the same, we are each on a different journey. And for many the time to slow down is not now. I’m thinking slowing down will happen for me around my birthday. You see a few years ago I finally realized my birthday, just happens to fall on the forty-first day of any given year. So, if one starts any type of forty day thing the first day of our calendar year, then that thing would end on February ninth, forever and always.

With the tenth day of February being the forty first day of any new year. Searching for the simple rustic warmth of winter is what my heart longs for this season. Of course this is likely to change as soon as winter gives way to spring. But, for now, I’m leaning in to the spirit of winter and maybe you are too!

Please find below, the image results for my search for the simple rustic warmth of winter …












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