Savor Thanksgiving!

Slow and sweet southern style

4-tg-2016I am way past ready to savor Thanksgiving! I have nothing to prove but I relish the slow and sweet southern style of living. I’ve experienced life in the fast lane. As a teen I traveled with my parents many summers to enjoy the lights and sounds of Las Vegas. Then, as a young adult my love of fashion landed me smack on Fifth Avenue in the mist of all the little holiday lights! I’ve taken a flight to Chicago for New Years Eve. Once I even boarded a plane to Birmingham during the Holidays.  The other day while packing and unpacking boxes and tubs of books, I selected a few to savor for Thanksgiving! I’m not sure if I will cook any thing or not but I do so enjoy reading recipes and plotting menus southern style. My Holiday and my Holiday traditions were marked by death until I met my husband Jimmy, then everything changed. I love the way The Lord is faithful to transform days of sorrow with days of joy. I hope and pray for the Love of Christ to transform your life as He has mine. And when He is faithful to do what He does in this your one life, I pray that you too would boldly stand and declare the mighty name of Jesus. Thanksgiving is a position of worship and not just another holiday.

The little vintage Metropolitan Cook Book (less than sixty pages) was published in February of 1948. This cook book is  one of my all time favorite of favorites. Sunday Dinner In The South by Tammy Algood is simply beautiful! And this vintage (1968) Better Homes and Garden cook book is, well you know … classic!


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