Seven (7) completely random things I learned in September

What-We-Learned-in-SeptemberSeptember was a giant great big learning month for me. I learn so many things but life long learning is what it’s all about. So, here is a list of seven completely random things I learned in September. Much thanks to Emily for quietly suggesting we record what we are learning in life.

  1. I learned there are a limited number of books I can carry on my person, it matters not if I have a bag to carry them in.
  2. I learned that writers will pay $60.00 to attend a one day writers conference in the heart of Tennessee.
  3. I learned one can hold a completely FREE conference in the heart of Tennessee and fill all reservations.
  4. I still posses the ability to speed read.
  5. It just takes a little thing to make a big difference! Thanks Annie
  6. The heart of Tennessee is still the place to be!
  7. A wound is presently painful, while a scar is evidence of past pain. Thanks Debbie!

Please know I view my writing as mini sermons and the preacher in me does not solicit comments, but you can catch me, every now and again on my Personal Face Book Page and my Face Book Fire Station Page. 

May our Father continue to bless and keep the all of you! Sonya La

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